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xiaoming520, Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017, 05:52 (vor 238 Tagen)

mentioned above http://www.authoritybrownsshop.com/demario-davis-browns-jersey-c-13/ , maintaining a natural grass lawn requires regular use of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides. Apart from the inherent danger of exposure to children, pets and native animals in the neighbourhood, these products invariably migrate into the soil, groundwater, and eventually into lakes, streams or even the ocean. This can have significant long-term effects on the planets plants, animals, the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Synthetic Grass, on the other hand, requires no chemicals or pesticides for maintenance, and provides a safe, healthy environment for families and the public.

Natural grass lawns and sports fields are rarely perfectly flat. With regular use http://www.authoritybrownsshop.com/danny-shelton-browns-jersey-c-32/ , a grass lawn will develop dips, mounds, bumps, holes and other inconsistencies that can cause tripping, twisted ankles or other major injuries.

A properly-installed synthetic lawn, however, is most commonly built on top of flat, level ground (usually excavated and grated), which contains one or two layers of compacted, crushed base and a layer of foam padding. The lawn is then in-filled with a combination of either rolled sand or crushed rubber, and then raked or brushed to ensure a consistent, flat, soft surface. When done right http://www.authoritybrownsshop.com/corey-lemonier-browns-jersey-c-16/ , a synthetic lawn or sports field is much safe than natural grass, hence the reason why more major sports organisations and schools in the U.S. and Australia are replacing their sod and natural grass with synthetic surfaces.

Technology has vastly it in reality, the costs over the long term are actually lower than that of natural grass. When factoring in the 5- to 10-year cost of grass seed, water, fertilizers http://www.authoritybrownsshop.com/corey-coleman-browns-jersey-c-39/ , lawnfeed and pesticides, as well as the labour and time to mow, trim, aerate, fill, mulch and maintain a natural grass lawn, it becomes clear that a

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