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What is Pete Maravich Jazz Jersey , How to & Tips | Another Slow Night in Modesto: Five Facts About ”American Graffiti” There is hardly a film in the American oeuvre more classically iconic than \American Graffiti.\ When George Lucas proposed the project to a skeptical Universal Studios in 1971, his reputation was that of an oddball director who lacked mainstream appeal. Indeed, Lucas only developed the story after being challenged by his fellow director Francis Ford Coppola to produce a feature film that would appeal to a mainstream audience, as opposed to the cultish, niche-market films he had made up to that point, such as \THX 1138.\

Securing a budget for a major motion film was out of the question from the very start. Lucas had shopped his spec script around Hollywood for months and met with nothing but rejection before he got approval from Universal. Eventually, Lucas managed to secure the royal sum of $775,000 Karl Malone Jazz Jersey , which was enough to finance only twenty-eight days of actual shooting. It probably came as a big surprise to the decision makers at Universal when the worldwide revenue topped $140 million, making \American Graffiti\ one of the most profitable films of all time. And so, here are five fun facts from behind the scenes of one of America\s favorite movies.

After shooting on the film was wrapped up, all of the cars featured in the film were put up for sale through the Classified section of the San Francisco Chronicle and other local papers. Only the 1958 Chevy Impala found a buyer, who paid only a few hundred dollars for it. The other vehicles-a yellow deuce coupe and a white Thunderbird-which were all in good condition, failed to move, even at prices in the low thousands.

When Toad first appears in the film, he\s riding a light Vespa scooter. After a few seconds John Stockton Jazz Jersey , he crashes the Vespa into a conveniently placed trash can. This crash isn\t in the scri

Speaking of twelve year-olds Joe Johnson Jazz Jersey , Mackenzie Phillips, the young actress who played the annoying teenie-bopper Carol, was so young that the labor laws of California did not permit filming on the schedule her part called for. Producer Gary Kurtz worked around the problem by getting himself assigned as her legal guardian for the duration of the production. Under the law, an extended work schedule is permitted for minors who are employed by their parents

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