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xiaoming520, Donnerstag, 28. September 2017, 08:46 (vor 20 Tagen)

capable of stealing. However Cheap Football Jerseys Wholesale , on average, 34% of loss is by employees (according to several independent studies). Another study states that 75% of people said they have, at one time, stolen from their employers. That’s a staggering, and disheartening, number. Granted, some of those may be minor offenses like taking toilet paper from the office. But the reality is, people do steal from their employers for one reason or another. So, being proactive is vital to your profit margin. We don’t want to be suspicious and untrusting of everyone, of course. However Cheap Football Jerseys Outlet , we also don’t want to wear blindfolds or be naive. There is a happy medium to strike. Below are some things to keep in mind for deterring, detecting, and dealing with theft in the workplace.

Deterring theft:

*The first way to deter theft, is to know who you’re hiring. Background checks are extremely helpful, but if they’ve never been caught doing anything, are useless. Have someone involved in the hiring process that is a good judge of character. This doesn’t guarantee your new hire won’t end up being less than honest, but it certainly helps. Making the people you employ feel valued will also help deter theft. Employees that feel like they matter, and are a part of things, are less likely to steal from their employers. Well compensated staff are also not eager to take chances, as they have more to lose and show more loyalty.

*Supervise employees closely and pay attention to inventory Cheap Football Jerseys From China , cash, and anything else someone may want to walk away with. If you have someone that han
Detecting theft:

*This will vary on what type of business you have. If you own a retail business, you may see inventory missing and not counted for. Other signs are a lot of “no sales” on the register, drawers consistently coming up short (or over) at the end of a shift, and frequent voids. Another tip-off is if customers come into your business that will only shop when a certain employee is there. This could mean that unauthorized discounts or free products are being given to favorite customers.

*In other businesses, not retail Cheap Football Jerseys China , you