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How To Prepare Your Car For The storage – 11 Pro Tips

shalinisharma ⌂, Bangalore, Samstag, 26.09.2020, 09:18 (vor 35 Tagen)

How To Prepare Your Car For The storage – 11 Pro Tips From Packers And Movers Bangalore

For some items like car moving expenses are more than its actual cost and you can see such difference if you are moving long distance, so what's wise decision in such case - if you are going for a long time then go for selling them and if not then store your car in secure storage unit. When we are doing so much for keeping our precious good to us, then why we forget to follow the most important part when storing them, that’s why today I am bringing 11 pro tips from #Movers and #Packers #Bangalore by following which you can store your car with the full safety.

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Step 1- wax and wash:

By washing your car before the storage out can prevent it from rust and damage. Washing will remove harmful substance on the car for an example like if your car has road salt or bird dripping on it then these can damage its paint over the time.

Step 2 – change filter and oil:

For the safety of your engine change its filter and oil, so that contaminated oil won't settle on it for months.

Step 3 – test car's anti freeze:

If you are storing your car in winter then checking your car's anti freeze is must so it can hold your car to the safety in cold days. You can also avail insurance for your belongings from Movers and packers in Bangalore, which is really must if you are moving long distance.

Step 4 – fill the fuel tank:

The common damage that happens in automobiles when we store them is condensation inside the fuel tank, and which we have to remove and clean before we start our car. Before you store your car add fuel stabilizer to the Packers And Movers BTM Layout Bangalore gas tank when you are filling your tank and then go for a drive so that fuel and stabilizer mix well.


Step 5- place car on junk stands:

These steps will safe your tires from any wear and tear even if car is stored more than a year, by using this you can lift Wright from your tires and so it is recommended for long term auto storage. If you are deciding to move your car then for any help feel free to contact Movers and Packers in Bangalore as they also helps in car transportation.

Step 6- disconnect battery negative lead:

Save your car from any type of electrical short and its battery from going dead by disconnecting battery negative lead. Over a long period of time battery will drain but battery maintainer can be utilized to keep it charged.

Step 7- Car cover:

From keeping your car exterior and interior safe from dust, pollutants and moisture get a good quality car cover for your car. Packers and Movers Bangalore provide warehousing and storage services in affordable price. They have well gated units with advance security to keep tour goods safe and also have climatic control units for storing any kind of good.

Step 8- stuff aluminium:

Stuff aluminium in air intake and exhaust you can make aluminium paper balls for filling them, this step is done to prevent rodents and other animals from nesting, also as for a reminder keep a note in your dashboard that to remove aluminium before staring your car.

Step 9- remove windshield wiper blade:

Follow this step to prevent rubber from sticking in your glass, if you don’t want to remove it then you can also go for placing a sheet of Packers And Movers Electronic City Bangalore plastic between the rubber wiper blades and glass.

Step 10- remove spark Plugs:

If you are storing your car from more than a year then removing a spark plug is a wise option also spray special fogging oil which is used to store boats in cylinder so to prevent it from rust.

Step 11- release the parking breaks.

If you leave your parking breaks on then its pad can stick to the rotors.

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